I am making new experiments, remixes, and originals with Auxy Music Studio and Ableton Live 9 Standard! Follow me for some CEDM beats and more Geometry Dash songs for levels. 


- David

New whole level of fun! Auxy Music Studio!

2016-06-07 12:29:56 by Davidgotskill

Hey! I am now making better music with Auxy Music Studio. It is a free app on the App Store and it is not a ripoff. I know there is so many music apps, but if you like to make EDM, slow House, Trap, or whatever sounds crazy good you can make in this app. The graphics are amazing and it is easy to use. It has outstanding drums, synths, and bass, and it also has scenes that you can learn to use. The problem I faced was how to turn the scale off. I now know that # Make Chromatic is how you can make more melodies within the key and make notes without the scale.

Keep up the good work Music People and have fun!



Thanks and have a good one!

- Davidgotskill

New stuff upcoming!

2016-05-19 16:25:27 by Davidgotskill

This is a cover right now for brisinger and its going to be for my new experiments! Check all of them out on my soundcloud! Also checck out my looperman for some of my free samples and loops along with a huge audio community. Highly recommend it! Check out these links below:


My new cover for my new upbeat song releases!