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I am David, a beginning music producer from Florida, U.S.A. This is not my career yet, so i am also improving in piano and baseball. I am creating Electronic Dance Music and i am looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

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New Improvements in my music!

Posted by Davidgotskill - January 24th, 2017

I am making new experiments, remixes, and originals with Auxy Music Studio and Ableton Live 9 Standard! Follow me for some CEDM beats and more Geometry Dash songs for levels. 


- David

Comments (2)

You mentioned Geometry Dash. Well, we're cool with you uploading music for that as long as you made it. And watch it with remixes and covers. If the original material is represented by a record label, your remix/cover will be removed by the mods,possibly resulting in a ban. Just giving you a heads up so you can avoid being banned.

So, wait. How do i say its my original, but i am attempting to basically remake a song but using only my samples and my instruments. Is that still considered not my song if it is using content i create? And if that's ok, what do i name the title of my song if i am attempting to recompose the songs with all of my rights? What if i sampled one second from a facebook video? Is that legal?

Plus i am not attempting to just use this in Geometry Dash. I am actually producing all if not most of my songs. I am not one of those Geometry Dash users that just posts songs that are created by famous artists just to be able to use it in a level. I am not looking for trouble.

Well, if you're legitimately remaking a song that's NOT represented by a record label, you're fine. Otherwise, please don't post it here, or you'll be banned regardless of the purpose of the remix/cover. It's only because of copyright bullies who nearly issued a DMCA complaint because of copyrighted music in ages old flash submissions. It spread to the audio portal, sadly.
All that being said, I wish you luck with your future projects, but I do advise that you do your best to make only original songs, or at least mostly original content. If you must do remixes or covers, I advise sticking to video game themes, as they're typically not represented by a record label or otherwise owned by a copyright bully. Just looking out.

That helps! Thanks. So, should i name the title (Davidgotskill Version) to make it sound original, which it is.